Aldwych Disused Underground Station Tour

Today I got the rare chance to have a look around the disused underground station Aldywch, originally called the Strand. Open in 1907 the Stand station was never fully completed and has served a number of functions up until its complete closure in 1994. Now used for filming and by the Emergency Response Unit for training, the London transport museum run tours for a couple of weeks each year. Wikipedia has some more information here.

We started the tour in the original booking office, before heading down the spiral staircase to the bottom of the lift shafts. We then moved along to the western platform (which is still linked to Holborn Station, which we were informed would be our evacuation route if needed). The western platform was the only operational platform, and provided a shuttle service between Aldywich and Holborn.

We then crossed over to the eastern platform, although never operational, this platform was used for storage during the war, the original tracks are still visible, the live rail insulators are the only ones of this type remaining and are Grade 1 listed (the building itself is Grade 2).

We were then shown around the remaining tunnels before heading back up the spiral staircase to take a look at the now none operational lifts.

The tour was really interesting, and of course I took a few photos whilst down there. Although digital SLRs were banned, my EOS M stepped up and did a good job in the low light.